Elpizo Ltd is community supported

We are so grateful to all the wonderful donors and their financial support. There is no such thing as a gift too small. Not just because every cent counts, but also because we serve a God that values faith & obedience over fiscal value. 
Your donation will enable us to continue producing radio programs, pay for broadcast time on Be107FM and allowing us to stream these programs on the internet. We also give away free bible study guides. You will also be ensuring that more ministries can benefit from the highly subsidised media services & production that we provide.
Here’s an easy way to make sure that Elpizo Ltd stays a strong contributor to the wellbeing & enhancement of your community. First, make a donation, then take the next step. Speak out about the important role Elpizo plays in your life, your church and your community.
You can donate either by cheque or bank transfer.

By Cheque

Please make cheques payable to ELPIZO LTD and mail to:
Elpizo Ltd
798 Thomson Road
Singapore 298186.

By Bank Transfer

After making the internet banking transfer, please return here to fill up the form on the right. Not only does this ensure that your donation reaches us, we can also issue you a receipt.

Bank Account Name: ELPIZO LTD
Bank Account Number: 2409000834 
Branch Code: 240 (Jurong East Central) 
Bank: DBS Bank Ltd 
Institution Code: 7171 


Remember to return here to fill up the Bank Transfer Details form to ensure a successful transfer.

THANK YOU for being generous and supporting this media ministry!