Prayer Ministry

Prayer is important to all that we do. God works in each of our lives when we seek Him and pray. One of our commitments here is to pray for your needs; we consider it an honor and our responsibility. We invite you to share your prayer requests with us. Our prayer volunteers call themselves “Mountain Movers” and meet once a week to pray.

Requesting for prayer through this website

When you submit a prayer request using this web page, your request will be e-mailed to the Mountain Movers within 24 hours. By submitting the prayer request form, you give us permission to share your prayer request and contact information with the Mountain Movers. No one else but the Mountain Movers will read your prayer request. It is kept strictly confidential.

Why we need your contact information

We humbly seek your understanding that we can only forward prayer requests that are accompanied with your name and phone number. Being able to get in touch with you helps the Mountain Movers to be more effective in their prayer ministry. Who knows? God may have inspired us with someone or something that could be the answer to your prayer!

Thank you for giving us the opportunity to pray for you!


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